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Lens Care



NEW! MicroFiber Lens Cloth, 15" x 15"

Revolutionary weave combines friction, static energy, and capillary effects to clean delicate lens surfaces. 100% scratch proof and machine washable!

#25430 - $12.95


C-100 Total Emulsion Cleaner

Cleans film and print surfaces of most permanent ink, ballpoint ink, oil, grease, adhesive, fungus, smoke and developer tar. Safe for all silver based films, transparencies, and papers. Not intended for gelatin or non-hardened surfaces.

#25330 - $9.95, 4 ounce pump


Film Cleaner

Cleans all black and white/color negatives and positives. Removes grease, oils, adhesives, dust, dirt.

#25350 - $10.95, 8 ounce pump


  OFR™ Mist

Hi-tech, optical treatment for removal of residual oil, film and microscopic dirt. Anti-static formula. Safe for all glass and plastic multi-coated optics.

#25310 - $5.50, 2 ounce pump


  Ultra-Fine Lens Cloth

Hi-tech optical treatment for removal of residual oil and film. Safe for multi-coated optics.

#25010 - $3.95, 8" x 8"


  Jumbo Lens Paper Book

4" x 5½" booklet. Available personalized.

#25550 - $2.95


  Lens Paper Matchbook

Twenty-five sheets, 4" x 2¾" booklet. Available personalized.

#25530 - $1.65


Lens Cleaner

Multi-coated formula. Available personalized.

#25340 - $4.25, 1¼ ounce pump


  4 Piece Lens Necessary Kit

Tissue, cleaner, cloth and lens care guide. Available personalized.

#25510 - $5.95


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