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Camera Support



  Model CS6 Jr. Camera Stand

Constructed of heavy gauge steel for durability. Supports rear projection camera. Adjustable cross arms, ball bearing lockable casters. Made in U.S.A. Six foot height, 32" base, 20" cross arm, 2" square column. 36 lbs. Ships UPS.

#00902 - $495.95


  Fast Flip™ Flash Bracket

Natural, even lighting. For 35mm and 120 camera. Machined, solid aircraft aluminum construction. Horizontal flash adjustment and a quick release flash shoe. Flash arm flips a full 180°, keeping flash centered in horizontal or vertical positions. Accepts all shoe-type or tripod flash units. Oversized, anti-fatigue, non-slip grip. Solid ¼" base plate with rubber pad. Five inch horizontal camera adjustment.

#46196 - $131.95, 7" to 11" adjustable post


  Flip Flash™ Brackets

Natural, even lighting. Horizontal or vertical flash placement. Fatigue-free foam grip. Flexible, reinforced maneuverability - now 50% stronger. Detachable flash shoe. ¼"-20 fitting. 35mm or 120 cameras.

#46190 - $75.95, 7" length

#46194 - $106.95, 18" length


  Video Scene Clapper

Add a Hollywood touch to videos as you create masterpieces with a solid wood scene clapper. Used in professional motion pictures. 8" x 7".

#22910 - $15.45


The Focusing Cloth™

Classic black, multi-layered focusing/field cloth is constructed of breathable 100% American cotton, making it cooler, lighter, more durable and snag resistant than conventional double-knit polyesters. One edge is covered with a Velcro™ strip, allowing the cloth to close around the largest camera or smallest lens. Each corner has Velcro™ strips. A set of 4, two ounce, detachable weights is available with Velcro™ on both sides, allowing unlimited weights to be piggybacked.

#20310 - $73.95, black 36" x 58"

#20320 - $93.95, black 48" x 58"

#20330 - $9.95, Velcro™ Weights, Set/4 two ounce weights


  Flash Shoe Arm Kit

Flexible gobo arm for portrait, product and macro photography. Holds reflectors, backgrounds, filters, effects and shades in any position. Mounts to any flash shoe. Single arm weighs only one ounce. Ten inch arm, removable snap segments, spring clip. Includes 2 hi-key white/2 low-key black vignettes, 3 light blocking black flags, 2 Flexiglas™ mirrors, 18% gray card.

#46184 - $23.95, Flash Shoe Arm

#46186 - $40.95, Flash Shoe Dual Arm

#46188 - $10.95, Extension Segments (10" x ¼")


  Flash Shoe Wedding Light

Hands-free illumination. Perfect for loading film, changes lenses, checking settings. Bright red LED beam and reflector. Includes two long lasting batteries. Momentary or continuous light. Attaches to any flash shoe. Removable snap segments.

#46182 - $23.95

#46188 - $12.95, Extension Segments (10" x ¼")


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